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Welcome to Tube Cambodia Blog,


Hello, My name is Voun Saphon and I’m Komsan Today, the blog founder. I work for a private company in Cambodia as a Business Quality Officer and I also an IT officer. I was a former Sales and Marketing executive for a website development company in Phnom Penh.


I’m from Cambodia. I live in Phom Penh city, but I like Siem Reap because it is a beautiful city that has a lot of ancient temples. And also, the traffic in the Seim Reap city is much better than Pnom Penh that it’s not too much traffic jam in there.


Nowadays, I work for a private telecommunication company in Phnom Penh as an IT officer. I am responsible for the whole network system and computer maintenance to make sure they are working correctly.


In my free time, I like to research something on the internet. I also founded a few personal blogs. In my holiday or weekend, I usually spend my time to write a few articles weekly and publish on my blogs.


And also, I like to learn something new to improve my abilities, that currently, I have enrolled a few courses on Udemey, such as Video Editing, graphic design, coding with PHP and English writing skills.


I hope that when I completed the video editing, graphic designing, coding, and English writing course, I will be able to create better more articles for my website.


I use Google search every day in my life to search everything about the information that I need to know for my job also for my study, but some of the information about Cambodia is missing from the internet.


When I search for help with how to do this or do that related to Cambodia, there are not many results in the Search engine. So I want to create this blog to describe more about Cambodia to share my experience and knowledge with the internet user around the world who want to know more about Cambodia as I can. To let you know that my blog refers to Cambodia, So I named my blog as “Morning Cambodia.” https://www.komsantoday.com/ is a popular blog for Cambodian people, business persons, the investor who willing to do business in Cambodia.


Komsan Today is posting regularly the article about the business, technology, and Khmer society to the blog that can help the visitor who is seeking information about Cambodia through the internet.


I’ll try to research more useful information and share my knowledge and experience such as help articles about the business, technology and especially about Khmer heritage to post on this blog.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


Voun Saphon

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